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Daily Prompt: Procrastination

I have been procrastinating going through old t-shirts. Not t-shirts that I have purchased, but rather the kind that are given to you for participating in an event or on a team. I have t-shirts dating back to Middle School still in my possession.

Here is the dilemma. The t-shirts are tailored to me: volleyball and basketball teams and camps, Leadership camps, schools I’ve attended. It’s tricky. They mean something because they symbolize my experiences.

Yet I never wear them. Most, I confess, are in a blue duffle bag in the guest/cat room’s closet.

Regardless, these aren’t something that you can just give to Goodwill. Does anyone care that I went to Upper Chetco School and that the mascot is a roadrunner? Who would purchase a shirt that reads “Bruin Volleyball Camp 2005.” Not many.

ImageAnd shirt content aside, they all still fit. Most of those t-shirts come in generic size medium, so I cannot justify giving them away because they no longer fit; theoretically, I could throw one on any day and wear it still. This is an overriding issue with all of my clothes, actually. If it still fits, why give it away?

Throwing them away, as you can imagine, is completely out of the question.

So I continue to tell myself that I may wear them to workout some day, as I do with some other “experience” t-shirts. But logically, I wear 5 or so of them a week, and they are washed on the weekend, and then worn in the same order the following week. So really, I would never get to wearing all of the shirts.

So why not search Pinterest for a craft to use them in? This could work, as I’m sure a die-hard pinner has experienced the same dilemma and crafted a way around the t-shirt conundrum. But if I cannot even drag myself into the duffle to go through the t-shirts, how will I ever find the motivation to find an appropriate Pinterest solution?

It really is a strange procrastination. I hope one day to blog about the end of this procrastination with a link to my Pinterest board displaying my newly minted t-shirt craft. Until then, the t-shirts of experience will be harbored safely in their duffle.



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