Daily Prompt: Six Word Story

Six Word Story

Following heart’s home or staying hometown.

Typical story: girl grows up in small town, can’t wait to leave, goes to college in big city, graduates broke, moves home, gets good job…etc.

This is where my grandparents live, my oldest friend lives, where I have a good job and a good life , yet –

I dream of moving back to the city. My heart aches sometimes because I miss it so much – and I have family there too! My brother and sister-in-law, and a beautiful, perfect new nephew. And friends too…it makes sense.

But still, torn. That nagging thought that my grandparents won’t be here forever is my biggest hang-up. Leaving a good job is also a barrier. I understand that I have to live my own life, follow my heart, seize the day, find my dream job and all of those other inspirational quotes, and I believe (hope!) that I eventually will.

Thinking about leaving makes me feel sad, but the idea of staying makes me ache.




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