Traveling Vegan

This is easily the biggest challenge to my being vegan – traveling. When I’m at home cooking and grocery shopping for my self, zero problems. So easy! Now when I travel, not so simple.

Obviously, options are an issue. I’m not usually into salads when I eat out. I can make salads at home. I make vegan sacrifices when I travel for my own ease and for those around me (and for the over-worked, likely under paid, waitstaff).

But last weekend, truthfully, I had no excuses. I spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon, notoriously vegan friendly. At most places, I had options.

My friend and I ate at Fireside on NW23rd. We sat outside on a beautiful day, and life was perfect. As I scanned the menu I saw written one work: Kale. Kale! Excellent – blog worthy, even. It was included in a skillet hash dish: shoestring potatoes, squash, zucchini, kale, and a fried egg – perfect, but for the egg.

Now, being in Portland, I could have asked for the egg to be left off; I’m sure our awesome waitress wouldn’t have minded the change. But, I wanted that egg. We had been out till late (drinking) and eggs and hash browns used to be my go-to recovery breakfast/lunch. This sounded SO GOOD!


And it was. So here is my vegan slip-up confession. But, I don’t regret it! The egg I’m sure was organic, free range etc (she says to herself). And I did feel about a bazillion times better after eating it…

Someday, maybe, I’ll be able to travel without slipping up. Tis a tough journey, this veganism, at times.


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